Steam bath, finnish sauna, jacuzzi, saline, cold water pool. The perfect place to relax open for our hotel's guests and for Curtea de Argeș people on a subscription basis.


For our hotel's guests the access to the Spa is 50 lei / session for an adult and 25 lei/ session for children over 5 yo. Children under 5 are not allowed. For people who are not our hotel guests access to Spa is available by subscription.

10 sessions
valid 2 months

16 sessions
valid 2 months

5 sessions SPA (50 minutes session)
1 relaxing massage


The dry sauna is a Scandinavian tradition, being the oldest of the two types of sauna. In our dry sauna the temperature can reach 80-90 degrees Celsius. It is extremely beneficial to one’s health, as it determines instant relaxation and a well-being while on the long term it fights against stress and infections, improves circulation and exerts a toning action on the skin.


Also known as Turkish bath, in the steam bath the temperature rises to a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere has a high humidity level, which can reach up to 100%. After only 5-10 minutes of using it you feel you breathe better, being recommended for a cold start or minor respiratory allergies, as it stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation.


A symbol of relaxation, the jacuzzi is also an excellent method of treating the muscular, joint and various pains of the bone system. It is said that any problem has a solution if you relax enough for it to reach you. Jacuzzi is our recommendation. At Spa Hotel Subcarpati we bring massage and chromotherapy to complement the benefits of the jacuzzi.


with Himalaya sault and saline aerosol

A 30-minute session in our Spa saline invigorates the entire body, has beneficial effects on the epidermis and regulates thyroid function. The body’s immunity will increase, preventing the emergence of colds, flu and allergies.

Saline aerosol

The generator of saline aerosols has the role of transforming the very high purity salt into microparticles of different diameters, between 1 and 10 microns.

Himalya salt crystals, which come from the Indus Valley area, an uncontaminated and unpolluted area, are considered the most effective in purification, detoxification and ionization.

Himalaya salt

Breathing this  rich in vital elements salt brings many benefits to your physical health – it easily removes allergens, dust and pollution, as well as the negative ions that are released into the atmosphere. Il also has a calming and regenerating role for the body.


After the sauna session you can cool down in the cold water pool, to bring your body temperature back to normal and to get your blood moving.
It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease or other similar diseases.

Rules Spa Subcarpați

Saunas have their own rules! Everything is pleasant and safe when everyone follows closely these rules:

  1. Inhale peace, exhale relaxation!
  2. Saunas are intended for people over 16; those under this age cannot use the spa area.
  3. Always use the towel when you enter the sauna so as to avoid direct contact between your body and the wooden benches. The sauna is a place where you sweat, release toxins and relax.
  4. Go in with just the towel! No slippers, dressing gown, watch, jewelry or phone – the sauna does not benefit them!
  5. Prepare your body and maintain proper hygiene by showering before, between and after saunas, before and after entering the jacuzzi.
  6. Staying hydrated is very important: the saunas will make you sweat, so you will lose a lot of water. Drink enough water before and especially after the spa session.
  7. Before the meal, not after. You put too much pressure on your body if you use the saunas right after a hearty meal. We are waiting for you at the Bistro Subcarpati after the spa!
  8. The staff is ready to help you with the necessary instructions, please follow them.