Established one century later by Neagoe Basarab, the monastery was considered at the time of its building one of medieval times wonders. This distinction generated many popular songs and myths, among which one of the most famous for the Romanian folk songs: the legend of Manole the calf. This story talks about sacrifices made for the sake of creation and about the humbleness of man in front of his own art.

Down the Argesh lea,

Beautiful to see,

Prince Negru in state

Came to consecrate

And to kneel in prayer

To that shrine so fair,

That cloister of worth,

Peerless on this earth.

(The Ballad of Master Manole, translated by Dan Duţescu)

Starting 1914, the monastery includes the Archiepiscopal Cathedral, the place of rest into eternity the kings and queens of Romania: Carol I and Elisabeth, Ferdinand and Maria, Carol al II-lea (without his beloved Queen Elena, who is resting in Lausanne, Switzerland), Mihai I and Ana.