CORBII DE PIATRĂ  (Stone Ravens)


While you are comfortably enjoying your stay at Hotel Subcarpati, surrounded by contemporary design and urban foods, it is really hard to imagine the way people lived here in medieval times. Our recommendation: get a bit out of town and visit a sit which originates in the first centuries of the last millennium. The monastery was carved in stone with ancient instruments. Its sight impresses through determination and inspires the brave ones with a fierce feeling of ancient fearing. A place of legend and history is tied up by names like The Black Prince (Negru Voda), Basarab I, the first ruler of Romanian lands and the one who defeated well renown leader of imperial army, Carol de Anjou. Basarab I used this monastery as judging premises, establishing here an open-air public judgement court. If you visit this place, you will still be able to sit at the same stone table as he did. Well, this is as close to time travel as it gets, now.

When you get back in town, Bistro Subcarpați welcomes you with delicious burgers, pork ribs and selected red wines, to continue the old tradition in the new spirit of times.